How to Repair a Led Bulb by Yourself at Home

How to repair a LED Bulb by yourself? There are very few homes today that do not use LED bulbs. But these are suddenly damaged. All they do is throw out the damaged LED bulbs. To repair an LED bulb you have to pay at the electric shop the price of a full bulb. Therefore, many people do not try to fix these. But electric bulbs can be fixed, especially by someone who does not have electrical knowledge.

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The most important thing is anyone can repair the bulb. Because no electrical knowledge is needed for this. Therefore please don’t throw away old bulbs. Thus repair it and reuse it. Besides these are simple.

Benefits of using LED Bulb

  • More energy efficient.
  • Life span is long.
  • Good environmental protection.
  • Heat and UV emission reduced.
  • Low voltage working.

How to repair a LED Bulb easily?

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Before repairing an LED bulb, make sure that it does not work again. Then the glass at the top of the bulb must first be opened.

It may have been glued together with glue. If it is not available by hand, it can be tapped with any tool. An LED board may already be provided.

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It’s on top of an aluminum sheet. You will need to use a standard multimeter. But the bulb can be fixed without them.

The most common cause of LED bulb damage is the one LED provided on the board. So changing it will solve the problem.

Then connect it to the bulb plug it in. Shot each bulb and see if it works. But be careful not to get electrocuted while looking at it. A piece of wire with a copper coating can be used for this. Take special care not to get by the shock.

Let’s test each LED bulb after connecting the wire. Now all the charged bulbs can be seen burning. But the gone led alone will not work.

This way it is very easy to find the damaged part. For those in the Soldering Iron household, only the shot LED will break if the connection is changed.

However, the correct way to fix the bulb can be given as an IN4148 jumper. This will help the LED to work longer.

The LED bulb strip can be repaired using a number of methods. In case the board is completely gone it is best to change it. Otherwise, it will come at a huge cost.

The old board can be replaced after purchasing a new board for it. Then fit it exactly to the LED bulb. After that test the LED bulb to see if it fits well and works.

The benefits of Repair the LED bulb

  • Low cost.
  • Easy to repair.
  • No electrical knowledge can repair.
  • Reuse the bulb long-term.
  • Very little time to take for repair.

Damaged LED bulbs like this can be repaired by yourself at a very low cost. Watch the video to know more. Anyone can repair the bulb very easily. And also no electrical background is needed.LINK:

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