How to clear black-listed vehicles in Vahan site Kerala

How to clear black-listed vehicles in parivahan site Kerala? Nowadays the number of homes without vehicles is very low. Most people use at least one first or a used car. The registration certificate is the main document of each vehicle.

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Therefore, it is mandatory to carry an RC book with you when carrying your vehicle. Otherwise, you will have to pay a large fine. The most important part of a vehicle is in the RC book. Thus keep it securely. Because once it stollen lot of problems want to face. Besides these are useful too.

Reason for black-listed vehicles

  • The penalty is due.
  • Tax is not cleared.
  • pending registration
  • Registration office-related other issues.
  • Different category issues.

Today most transportation services are available online. Parivahan is a site developed by the government for this purpose. All vehicle-related information is available on this website. When checked in this way, it is seen that many vehicles are blacklisted. This means that even though the vehicle status is active, it may be blacklisted. Let’s see what a blacklist is and how to check it.

This means that if your vehicle has any kind of tax arrears, it will be blacklisted. Therefore, it is not to be feared. Another thing to show on the blacklist is when any fine received during vehicle inspection is not paid.

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Another reason for blacklisting is the delay in registration renewal. Failure to do so will result in a fine of Rs 500 per month. This includes vehicles that were renewed at the time of registration. This way your vehicle can be removed from the black list. Vehicles belonging to any of the above categories can be blacklisted.

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How to clear black-listed vehicles in parivahan site Kerala?

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Any type of file related to the vehicle will cause the vehicle to be blacklisted. Many people do not pay the fine even if they get a notice stating that there is such a fine.

Such a system has been included since the advent of the transport site. Therefore, things that preceded it may now be blacklisted.

But the owner will have to pay that amount when he knows this after making a second-hand purchase. If it is a large sum then the previous owner can be found.

Blacklisting is not like a normal fine or challan. It is given in the form of a text. Therefore, the status will change only if the arrears are cleared immediately.

If the RC is lost and blacklisted, the office must be notified that the RC is lost.

If your vehicle is blacklisted it can be removed. Contact the office that issued the registration certificate for the extra vehicle. The exact reason for this will be stated by the office.

The fine must then be paid and the vehicle removed from the blacklist. But only in connection with the RTO office can everything be done later.

How to remove your vehicle from the black-listed?

  • Clear all the fines and penalties.
  • Contact the RTO office.
  • Know the exact problem.
  • If the previous owner makes the penalty contact them.
  • If it is a huge amount ask them to pay.
  • Rc book is stollen report the official authority.

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