Zero Down Payment Used Cars in Metro Cars Kozhikode

zero down payment used cars. owning a car. is everyone’s dream. But often it is not possible to buy a car at full price. In such a situation everyone chooses the option of used cars. But there are several things to consider before choosing a used car. Otherwise, you will face many problems later on. zero down payment used cars are available here.

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The age of the vehicle and the registration issues should be taken into consideration. Also, check the quality of the engine and the quality of the other parts. This is a shop that offers good quality and used cars at very low prices. Just zero payment cars can be picked up from here without any compliance.

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Things to check before buying a used car

  • Set a budget according to you.
  • The model and car type.
  • The old of the vehicle.
  • The car is checked in front of a mechanic.
  • Check VIN.
  • Make a test drive.
  • Rust spots checking

The 2016 model XUV W4 is introduced for the first. The total run is 45,800 km. It is a car that has no replacement on single ownership. The asking price along with one-year full cover insurance is eight lakh and fifteen thousand rupees. But you can get a loan of up to Rs 7 lakh.

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Next up is the 2018 model automatic Wagoner. The total distance covered was 18,800 km. There has been no replacement. The asking price is four lakh and ninety thousand rupees.

The next car is the 2015 model i20 Asta. It is the petrol engine that comes in the top range. The total distance covered was 65000 km. The asking price is 5,60,000.

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The next car is a polo that can be taken without making an initial payment. The 2017 model petrol car has not been replaced at all. Asking for a car that has covered 1 lakh km can be bought for Rs 5 lakh.

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Next up is the 2019 model Renault Duster. There is no replacement for a car that was on single ownership. The total distance covered was 25000 km. The asking price for a car with a diesel variant is Rs 9,40,000.

The next car is the Nissan Micra which comes with an automatic petrol variant. The car is automatic in the middle option. The asking price is Rs 5,25000.

The next one is t car is the Hyundai i20 with a 2016 model single ownership. The total distance covered was 52,000 km.

Next up is the Hyundai Red color i20 with a fancy number. The train has covered 31,000 km. The price is close to Rs 6 lakh.

The next one is car is the i20, which has single ownership of 19000 km. The asking price is one lakh and twenty thousand rupees.

The 2018 model is a car Tata Tiago Single Ownership. The total distance covered is 46,000 km.

Next up is the 2018 model Polo. The price of a car in Second Ownership is Rs. 760,000. The total mileage is 21,000 km.

Next up is the 2018 model Baleno. The red car is powered by a 1.2 engine with extra fittings. Asking for a car with a top-end is priced at Rs 7 35,000.

Next up is the 2016 model i20 Asta. The car with the second owner has a total mileage of 64000 km. The asking price is five lakh and seventy thousand rupees.

Different tricks used by dealers

  • Don’t trust the misguiding things.
  • Please check the details through sites.
  • Not present the important documents before choosing a car.

Those who want to buy good quality second-hand cars at such low prices can contact the” Metro Car” in Kozhikode. Watch the video to know more. The contact number is given below. Here you can choose a wide variety of cars at affordable prices.

Metro Car in Kozhikode meenchantha mini bypass
Metro Car in Kozhikode Contact No  ( 98090 06450 , 8075582170 , 9847009947 )

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