Car Info App, All Your Vehicle Information in Fingertips

Car info app, all your vehicle information in fingertips. Today there are fewer homes that do not have at least one vehicle. But the fact is that we do not know much about the vehicle without knowing it. Car info app, all your vehicle information in fingertips is very useful.

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‘Car Info ‘is an application that lets you know even the basic information about a vehicle. Know even the most basic information about your vehicle use.

For a vehicle, the RC details are very important. Thus before buying for a second hand check the details. Because if the vehicle has any problem it will make a lot of issues. Therefore before buying a vehicle check the info through the car info app.

This app will provide a resale value calculator. And provide the RC-related information. Check with the vehicle registration details are correct. There is a special section called profile management. From here you can easily download the license and RC.

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Importance of Car info app

  • Easy to find all the vehicle information very easily.
  • The RTO and vehicle information is accurate in this app.
  • Vehicle registration details including name, registration date are available.
  • Challan details are also provided.
  • A resale value calculator is given in it.
  • Fuel price details are given.
  • Driving license-related information is available.
  • Up-to-date features are given.
  • different news and stories are given in it.

How to use the car info app?

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Install Car Info from Play Store. Allow the messages received when opening the application. The application interface will now open.

The RC Info option can be found at the top of the application. Click on it. Now you can see three options.

Here you can search for information given by typing the vehicle number. Otherwise, the vehicle number plate can be scanned and provided. Alternatively, you can say the number using the voice option.

If you search by the number you will take some time to see the information. It shows the vehicle owner’s name and ownership.

It also shows whether the vehicle is petrol or diesel. The chassis number of the vehicle and other important information may be provided.

The exact date of registration of the vehicle may be given in it. This way you know the color and weight of the vehicle.

Sometimes there will be ads when the app hits backward. It can be closed. You can also know the resale value you get when you sell the vehicle.

If any vehicle is involved in an accident on the road, you can know the information by entering the number. It can also inform those who need it.

When we can use the car info app?

  • If a vehicle is in an accident search with the number.
  • want to know about the vehicle owner’s address.
  • want to know the fair value of the vehicle.
  • want to recheck the information.
  • Identify the details.

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