How to apply for covid death relief fund online

How to apply for covid death relief fund online? Covid created a huge crisis. In addition, the number of deaths due to covid infection is not small. The government is providing financial assistance to the families of such victims. Applying for a covid death relief fund online is simple. Receiving a grant of Rs 50,000 is definitely a great relief for families. But many are unaware of such a plan. And many people do not know how to apply for this financial assistance. Let’s take a look at what needs to be done to help the families of those who died of covid get financial help.The application can be submitted online.

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Documents required for the covid death relief  fund 

  • Death certificate of the person who died due to covid.
  • Ration card.
  • Relationship certificate.
  • Aaadhar Card.
  • Bank passbook.

Some documents are required to apply for a grant-in-aid scheme. Death certificate of the deceased. The name must be included in the Death Declaration list. Must have the required certificate to prove this.

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A ration card containing the name of the person receiving the assistance is required. Document proving the relationship with the deceased. The first heir is the wife/husband of the deceased.

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An Aadhaar card and bank passbook of the concerned person are required. The application should be submitted in the name of that person.

Financial assistance can be applied for online or through the Village Office.

How to Apply for Covid Death Relief Fund Online?

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First, a declaration is required to prove that covid died. If the name in the declaration list is not included, an appeal must be made.

You should check the CDIS website to see if the name is included in the list. Here you will find an option called covid Declaration Certificate.

Click on it. Then enter the date of death, district, and name. Then you can see the details of the persons who died on that day in the given district due to covid.

If the name is included, the amount must be claimed. The Relief website is used for this purpose. Here you will find an option called Submit Your Claim. Then enter the name and phone number of the applicant.

covid-death-relief -fund 
covid-death-relief -fund

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You will now receive an OTP to the phone number you entered. Verify it.
The present page contains two funding schemes related to covid. One is monthly financial assistance to those suffering from covid and the other is financial assistance to the family of the deceased.

Click on the Apply Claim button to receive a grant of death. On the next page, enter the details of the deceased.

The details of the applicant should be filled in exactly on the next page. Here, the Panchayat, Village has to be filled in exactly.

The custodian must upload and provide proof of contact with the deceased. To use ration card and family membership certificate for this.

All uploaded documents should be in PDF format of less than one MB. Then you can see all the information you have entered on one page.

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