Flipkart Affiliate Marketing – How to join in Flipkart affiliate program

Flipkart Affiliate Marketing : Most people choose websites like Flipkart, Amazon for shopping. Such websites offer many offers and huge discounts. In addition, electronic products are available on the online website at a lower cost than those purchased at regular stores.

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All the necessities for the home can be obtained quickly and cheaply through such websites. But not just for shopping but to make money and use Amazon, Flipkart. The money can be earned through Flipkart Affiliate Marketing.

Flipkart did not offer affiliate programs to new entrants some days back. But now you can participate in the affiliate program again. In this way, you can earn a large amount of income every day. Let’s see how to make Flipkart affiliate part of it.

Flipkart Affiliate Marketing

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 The benefit of the Flipkart affiliate program

  • Easy to join.
  • Make money by sharing the links.
  • Very easy process.
  • Share the link on multiple platforms.
  • The commission is different in each product.
  • Multiple platforms are supported.

How to Join the Flipkart Affiliate Program? ( Flipkart Affiliate Marketing )

Open the browser and type in Flipkart affiliate. Now you can see an interface written by Make Money.

If you look at how it works, it’s through the promotion of Flipkart products. A link will be created for this. It needs to be shared on social media websites and so on.

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If someone purchases a product by clicking on the link you provide, you will receive a commission from it.
There is a separate commission for each category. Books fetch between six and 12 percent. The rates for different products vary from 5% for mobiles and 6% for computers.

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In addition, a new customer will receive a commission of 10%. But an exhausting customer gets 8%. These also vary in commission for different categories.

But another thing to note is that some brands like Realme do not get a commission if they buy mobiles. These are listed separately on the website. You must first register to be a part of the affiliated program. Here you have to fill in your name, email id, and country code.

The registered information will then be sent to the email id. If you open the account and take a look at the overview, you will get the information of the person who bought the product using your link.
You will also see the commission received.

Flipkart Affiliate Marketing - How to join in Flipkart affiliate program
Flipkart Affiliate Marketing – How to join in Flipkart affiliate program

The link to your account should be provided through any website. It can be shortened and used as needed. Any product in Flipkart can be provided through this kind of affiliate.

Payment will only be debited from your account when someone clicks on the link provided. You can also link to the products you provide on the website.

It is enough to give one or two products a day through this kind of affiliate. That way you can earn around Rs.5000 per month.

If you have your own blog or vlog you can easily get this kind of commission. All you have to do is share the links created by a group in the name of the page. Alternatively, you can provide links to the YouTube channel below.

This way you can earn a good amount as a monthly income through the Flipkart affiliate. For more information watch the video.

Things to remember before joining the Flipkart affiliate

  • Start a blog for the vlog, it will help to reach the link more.
  • Choose the products according to the commission.
  • some products are not included in the commission list.
  • Try to create a group and share the link.
  • If the customer clicks and purchases the product only gets the commission.
  • Try to share at least two product links in a day.
  • It will help to increase your income.

Flipkart Affiliate Program Register ( click here )

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