How to start an Amazon affiliate program

How to start an Amazon affiliate program? Most people today love to shop with online websites. The reason for that is the great offers and low prices. There is nothing that is not available on online websites such as electronic products, clothing, etc.

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But you can also make money using websites like Amazon. Many are unaware of this. It is possible to make a very good income through the Amazon affiliate program. It does not require much technical knowledge.

Anyone can easily create an Amazon affiliate account. Then you have to share the product links provided on Amazon. People will get a fixed amount of commission on your account when they click on it and buy things.

You can use your social media accounts for this. Even sharing one or two products a day can generate huge revenue. You can also share links through Blog, Vlog. It can also create special groups and share links.

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The commission for different products will vary. These can be found on the website. Then you can create a link to the products you want to share.

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Benefits of Amazon affiliate progarm

  • Easy to part of the program.
  • Earn a good amount in each month.
  • Creating a vlog or blog and sharing the link is more helpful.
  • Anyone can start the program.

How to join in an Amazon affiliate program?

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First, open your browser and type in Amazon Affiliate. The website link is now available. Click on it. Then you get to a special page on Amazon. But this is not a site used for regular shopping.

On the page that appears, make sure that the country is India. If not, replace it. Then you need to log in and enter your Amazon account. If you do not have an Amazon account, create a new one.

After opening the account, enter your address correctly. Here you can type in the address of your choice. Then enter your phone number. Here you will be asked if you are the main account user. Click on it. Then select No to the question of whether you are a US person or not. Click the Next button.

Next, you need to enter the link to your website. This is the website link through which you affiliate Amazon affiliate website. You must enter your profile information exactly on the next page. It should include your name and, if there is a YouTube link, then the category in which your channel is located.

You can select Amazon affiliate products using search. Then enter all the information related to your channel.
You must provide a mark on how to bring traffic to your website.

Enter the type of affiliate network you choose. It can be called a third party. Enter selectively where this kind of information came from.

After entering all the details correctly, click on the Finish button. Now a unique number may be added with the ID you entered. Then enter your bank details.All you have to do is give us the payment details later.

Open the dashboard of the affiliate page. Here you can search for different products. Here you can only share links in text form. Alternatively, you can select links in the image format as well.

If you create an Amazon account and an Amazon affiliate account with the same ID, you will be taken to the main page. Then you will search and get the product. Above this, you can see the text and image options.

Select the desired option and enter. You may have created a link by adding your unique ID. This is a link you need to share. If someone purchases that product by clicking on a link, you will receive a commission on your account.

This way you can easily earn a large amount of money every month through Amazon Affiliate. For more watch the video.



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