How to repair your mobile using Mobicom Guru App

How to repair your mobile using Mobicom Guru App? Today, everyone is a smartphone user. Many priced smartphones are now available in the market. Everyone can choose the smartphones they want. Features are also available at different prices. To repair your mobile using Mobicom Guru App is very easy.

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Not only that but there are many online websites available now if you want to buy a smartphone. The dream of a smartphone can be easily fulfilled by getting great offers in them too.But what often happens is that the smartphones you buy like this get damaged quickly. Sometimes even small problems can cost a fortune to pay at a mobile repair shop. Minor damage, especially to the screen and display, cannot be repaired. The repair shop will ask for the money to repair the whole phone.

But here is an app that will help anyone learn how to repair a mobile phone easily. You can easily learn a mobile repair course through this one application. Mobile Repair Course – The application is called Mobicom Guru. Let’s see how you can learn mobile repairing through this one application.

How to repair mobile using Mobicom Guru App ?

Mobicom Guru App
Mobicom Guru App

Install the Mobicom Guru app from the Play Store on your phone. The app has a 4.2-star rating on the Play Store. The course is designed in such a way that the mobile can be repaired without any special technical knowledge.

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You can study the course in both Hindi and English. It can solve mobile lock problems and troubleshooting. There are some tips to help you get repair phones.

Courses that are free and paid are available in the app. Courses are available in video format and notes are available in PDF format. Or you can download the books in PDF format.

Mobicom Guru App
Mobicom Guru App
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Mobile repair is taught in different categories. Different courses like Basic, Advanced are available in these.
Software courses can be taught step by step. Then try it practically. Once you have fully learned mobile repairing, you will be able to start your own shop.

The syllabus is designed to accurately repair every part of the mobile phone. So let’s learn quickly.
The app clearly explains how to unplug Android phones into different parts and how to solve troubleshoot them.

Detailed information on resistors, multimeter function lights, and diode capacitors used in the phone are given in the tutorial.

The BGA tutorial is also provided accurately. Even the white display problem encountered mainly on Android phones can be easily learned from here. There is no doubt that Mobicom Guru is an application that teaches a very easy mobile repair course.

Features of Mobocom Guru App

  • Easy to learn lessons.
  • It will include all the tutorials from scratch
  • No technical knowledge is needed.
  • Software classes are given in step mode.
  • Video tutorial and PDF notes are given there.
  • The books are easily downloaded.
  • Both English and Hindi versions are available.
  • Different courses are available.
  • You can choose either paid or free courses.
  • Things are given in a single way.


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