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haven’t you heard of the Kerala eHealth portal website? If you are looking for an easier step, book your appointment for visiting your doctor. Kerala eHealth portal provides you with a website for doing these activities within a few steps.

kerala ehealth portal for booking appointments

Within a few minutes of the procedure, the Kerala eHealth portal provides to take an OP ticket and book an appointment with your consulting doctor. This online facility makes people satisfied with their burden of taking OP tickets following a long Que. You can finish these steps in the Kerala eHealth portal by updating your details in it.

ID proof details must be submitted to complete your procedure. This article gives the full details regarding how to complete the procedure in the Kerala eHealth portal step by step.

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Kerala eHealth portal benefits

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Kerala eHealth portal gives you an easier way in various sections. The government provides various apps and websites for people to make their needs easier. Many people are suffering for their purposes with many difficulties. this is one of the websites which provide services to people. Taking appointments with doctors is a task with many formalities. This can be made easy through the Kerala eHealth portal.

Kerala eHealth portal is also available with services like new appointments, hospital details, and doctor reference services. We may no longer face difficulty regarding booking appointments or taking OP tickets as the new site is launched. According to our situation, days and times can be booked.

An easier way to face the difficulty of visiting the doctor. Now you can do this service from your home itself using a mobile phone or laptop. Only ID proof is beneficial for this. it gives you a better experience through this facility. No fee or additional charges are taken for this process. www.ehealth.kerala.gov.in is the website provided for this process.

Kerala eHealth portal has main extra features for helping humans with their needs. this facility will make people think logistically with a time-saving process. use this website and make appointments for your consulting doctor easier in a few steps.

The procedure to book an OP ticket and appointment through the Kerala eHealth port              Kerala eHealth portal makes you free from being in the Que for long hours to take a token to consult the doctor. Easier steps are followed by this site to complete these procedures. A website is provided to register patients’ names on the Kerala eHealth portal website.  www.ehealth.kerala.gov.in is the website ID provided to enter the page.

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  • Entering the home page of the  Kerala eHealth portal, click the register button.
  • Enter the Aadhar number of the patient in the column provided. An OTP will be sent to the Aadhar registered mobile number.
  • After entering the OTP number, click the proceed button.
  • All details regarding Aadhar will be displayed on the screen. Enter the mobile number and click submit button.
  • Now the message will appear as your UHID registration has been successfully completed. note the UHID provided there for further process. This id is needed for the login procedure of the Kerala eHealth portal.
  • Now click the login button. Enter the UHID and the password is the same as the UHID. Later passwords can be generated. After entering the details, enter the correct captcha and click the login button.
  • Provide the required mobile number and proceed, with which number OTP will be allowed. Enter OTP and verify it
  • Now the mobile number is updated successfully. Again login to the Kerala eHealth portal as the earlier procedure
  • Password must be changed in this step. Passwords must include a minimum of 8 characters with a numerical, an emblem, a capital, and small letters. Now the password will be updated successfully.
  • Now it’s time to log in to the Kerala eHealth portal normally with UHID and password. Enter the captcha and login in.

Kerala eHealth portal now opens the main page for booking appointments or op for your visit. Many facilities are available on this page like new appointments, view appointments, or refer medical records. we can make a new appointment by clicking that option. Enter the further details of the doctor and department you have to visit. Income must be entered in the details and select the required time and date allotted.

Now all the procedure is completed for this. we must visit the hospital with the print of these details. From the home itself, you can take a token for your consultation. Kerala eHealth portal provides you with a better experience.




book appointments through the Kerala eHealth portal and have a nice experience. Don’t wait in the Que and get further diseases. Approach the easier ways and make consultation easier. Kerala government provides eHealth sites to make people free from difficulties. This will be a big solution for older people or feeding mothers from the task of booking an op for consultation.  Keep in mind the steps and approach the doctors at the perfect time. so, don’t waste the time, make use of better technologies. for details: www.ehealth.kerala.gov.in

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