Dog Repellent System : 1 of the best idea to avoid dog attacks

Are you fed up with the continuous attack of dogs on your surroundings? haven’t you heard of the dog repellent system?  it is one of the best ways to get free from dog attacks which are widely becoming severe in our environment. Everyone is searching for a remedy to get rid of this. Many techniques are experimented with by people, some may be successes others went wrong. A dog repellent system is the best way for this.

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Nowadays, attack by dogs is becoming aggressive. we all hope to avoid dog attacks, but it’s best to be prepared in the case of an emergency. we have put together many items that can manage dog attacks. But at the stage of an emergency, it may not be practical. The dog repellent system works automatically, and the problem of dogs can be solved.

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Dog Repellent System
Dog Repellent System


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Why Dog Repellent system?

All of us may be thinking of what a dog repellent system means. It is a very important technique needed for our society nowadays. Dog attacks are becoming severe news among us. Many life has been destroyed due to this reason. Many deaths have occurred in our society due to these dog attacks.

A dog attack or dog bite can lead to rabies or tetanus infection. immediate medical care should be taken when a bite is from a dog. These conditions can be avoided if earlier precaution is taken. Set up a dog repellent system and avoid the danger against you. An alarm feels sound can be heard as a warning to be careful among your surroundings. It can be easily used in our home surroundings as a helpful indicator of harmful incidents.

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How Does Dog Repellent System Works?

The dog repellent system works with light and sounds which makes dogs scared and run away from that place. Emitting ultrasonic soundwaves and LED flashlights makes you safe from stray dogs very effectively. Thus using this technique will be practical for everyone.


This technique is an eco-friendly solution. Because continuous use of these repellents is disturbing dogs without any harm. a sensor bulb with frequent sound makes the mechanism for this device. It is quite a simple procedure with low cost and helps us in our needs.

Normal LED lights which will automatically on when noises or changes are seen at a 5m distance. here Halonix LED bulb is used to save more electricity. It will work only in dark areas, and a 10W current is used for this. This system can be used in car porches, staircases, gardens, surroundings, etc. Radar motion sensor technology is used in this bulb to detect the motion of animals, humans, and even huge things.

Technical Procedure of Dog Repellent System

A normal Halonix LED bulb can be converted to this system by fitting a simple unit into it. a small module is seen in front of the LED panel which acts as a sensor to work during the night. After the sensor detects the motion the 9 LED lights will work automatically. 10W current is supplied to each LED bulb hence, 90W is connected to it. For the sound effects to scare dogs, 12W busser is used here. steps to be followed are:

  • The first front transparent glass must be opened easily
  • 12W busser cannot be directly connected to 90W LED bulb so, soldering must be done.
  • Scratches must be made on both sides of a LED bulb and soldering paste must be applied
  • Then a busser is attached to it and polarity must be tested
  • +ve and -ve ends must be connected properly
  • The hole must be added to the front transparent glass for sound to hear out.

Thus the procedure is completed and the dog repellent system is ready. it is a small device used in houses, cars porches, etc. modified big dog repellent system is available in the markets to use in farming fields, factories, etc. to see the procedure click the link:


The remedy for the major problem of dog attacks can be solved by the use of the Dog Repellent System. people are scared to walk through the roads or to allow kids to play in front of the house because of these dog issues. Dog Repellent System will acts at the correct time and save us from danger. it can be prepared by yourself or available in the markets. Try the device and enjoy tension free life!

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