Factory Seconds Sale Home Appliances in Kochi Kerala

Factory Seconds Sale Home Appliances in Kochi Kerala: It is safe to say that most homes today are used appliances such as fridges, washing machines etc..Most people will change this type of electronic device, especially when buying a new home. But when you go to buy a fridge, or washing machine at a typical electronics shop, the price can be very high. Therefore, it is often not possible to acquire such equipment at a high price. But here we are introducing a shop where company second products are available in the same quality as the new equipment. Many used and non-used products are available in this shop at very low prices.

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Single door fridges starting from Rs 3500 are available here. The double door starts at around Rs 5,000. The Whirlpool Premium Series fridge,originally priced at Rs 50,000, is priced here at 27, 000.The original price of the 55 inch led 4 k hd TV is Rs 85000 and the price here is Rs 34750. You can purchase the Six KG washing machine is priced at Rs 25,990.

There is also a washing machine for Rs 15,750. It will have fewer features than what was mentioned earlier. All the products worth Rs 1.5 lakh can be bought at Rs 85,000. There are many top load washing machines here.The microwave price with Rs 4500, is available from here.

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There may be minor damage when choosing a factory sec product but not all will be obvious. There will be big changes in the discount as the original price goes up. Front load washing machine starting from Rs.6900.

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Products are currently offered here at a discount of 30% to 40%. The company provides warranty service for some products.

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What are the things to check before buying factory seconds?

When buying factory second products it mainly comes in two grade way. Grade a, grade b. If you choose grade A items, they will only have a bend. There will be no other problems. But when buying B grade products should be chosen carefully. However, you can buy appliances like fridge washing machines from here, paying only half the price at other shops and online.

Those who want to buy Company Seconds products at a cheaper price can also contact PJ Electronics, a shop opposite Kochi Lizzie Metro Station. The contact number is given below.

9745188824,9745188826 shop location-ground floor,town hall metro station,piller number 612,lissie junction,kochi

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