Goat Satellite Unit Scheme Kerala 2022- how To Apply

goat satellite unit scheme Kerala : In the context of corona, everyone is going through a very difficult situation physically and mentally. Many people lose their jobs and suffer without money. Many of those who had worked abroad lost their jobs and many returned to their home places. In such a situation many people will be looking for any kind of business that can be done with very small budjet. The Central and State Governments are currently formulating various schemes for the welfare of the people. The’ Goat Satellite Unit Project’ 2021-2022 is one such project provided by the government. Let’s see what are the features of this project and who can be part of it.

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Farming is a very valuable business in the market today. The farm also includes a large range of goat, poultry and fish farmingetc… The Goat Satellite Unit project is definitely a government project that can be used by those who like farming like this. Applications for this scheme, jointly released by the Government of Kerala and the Animal Department, should be submitted by June-July. The work that is part of the project will get a financial assistance of Rs 25,000. Five Malabari ewes aged four months to six months and one lamb can be purchased through the scheme. But another feature to note is that you do not have to repay the twenty five thousand rupees you get for this.

Those who have already taken up goat rearing as a profession and intend to start a new farm can avail the benefit. 30% of the applicants are women, 10% are SCST and the remaining 60% are general category. But you have to bear the cost of building the hive needed to raise people. The hive should be at least 100 square feet in size. You will also need to take out the necessary insurance for your sheep. Those who want to be a part of the scheme are required to provide important documents including a copy of Aadhaar card, copy of tax receipt and ration card. The application along with the above documents should be submitted to the Animal Hospital under the Panchayat. The District Animal Department is in charge of the project. Therefore, the benefit of the scheme will be given to those who are eligible after conducting inspections at the panchayat level. Those who want to be a part of the scheme can contact the veterinary hospital under your panchayat.

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  1. Please give this scheme to my family. My mother is interest in goat farm.but we have not fund for farming. So please give this oppurtunity to my family


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