Difference Between Cement Plaster and Gypsum Plaster

gypsum plaster: A home is the dream of all of us. But the cost of building a house is often very high. Building the desired home with proper planning and budget is a bit more difficult. Determining the exact cost of building a home at each stage is often not possible. Home construction is often done by preparing an accurate estimate, but the cost usually goes up once the work is started. Gypsum plastering is a technology used in wall construction in most homes today. But there are also those who prefer old-fashioned cement plastering. But let us examine what is the difference between concrete tape and gypsum plastering, and what are the differences when choosing each method.

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If you choose a cement plastering method, you will choose two types of plastering for the interior and exterior. It gives 20mm thickness to the outer walls and 12mm thickness to the inner walls. In addition, 9 mm thickness is used to hold the cement well while working the ceiling of the rooms. The ratios used for sharp swords are 1: 6, 1: 4,1: 6. However, it is better to choose 1: 4 with a higher cement content during use. It is better to take it in the ratio of 1: 3 when sealing. When choosing cement, it is better to choose one that contains PPC content. It is better to choose P-Sand for tapping jobs.

Gypsum Plaster cost 

The cost of plastering to build a house of about 1100 square feet means that the outer wall alone is about 1400 square feet. Plastering the outer walls with a thickness of 20 mm in a ratio of 1: 4 requires 2.6cum. The material required for this is 20 bags of cement and 95 CFT P-sand. The total amount of work to be done on the interior walls is 3500 square feet. It is 12mm thick and 3.9cm thick and requires 29 bags of cement and 143 CFT -Psand.

The ceiling area is 850 square feet. For 9mm thickness and 0.92 cum, the material required is 7 bags of cement and 25 CFT psand. The total terrace / shade is 1600 square feet. If the required thickness for plastering here is 12mm and 3.9cum, then the material required is 29 bags of cement and 143 CFT psand.

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But when buying material, you have to buy with waste in mind. As such, the total requirement of cement is 90 sacks and 455 feet of P sand. The total cost of extracting cement at the rate of Rs. 460 per sack of cement and Rs. 56 per sack of P sand is Rs. 90 * 460 = 41400, the total cost of P sand is Rs. 455 * 46 = 25480 and the total cost of labor cost is Rs. 16,9780 per square feet.

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But often the cost per square foot is Rs. 80 to Rs. 170 If the contractors tell you that this is a very small amount and a very large amount, you should reconsider it. If the gypsum plastering method is chosen, let us examine how the figures come to be. Gypsum is a type of calcium sulfate rock that forms beneath the earth. These can be divided into two types, marine gypsum, and synthetic gypsum. Also known as Gypsum Marine, manufactured by salt companies by product, and Fertilization Companies Manufacturers are also known as synthetics.

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But different types of gypsum can be made by adding different levels of chemicals. But most gypsum companies use Iranian gypsum. But these vary according to their ability to absorb water. Although all companies today offer a lifetime warranty, choose only by looking at the brand value. But most companies do gypsum ceilings the same way. Gyproc and JK Lakshmi Fest are among the leading companies to opt for gypsum ceilings in India. saint Gobain Gypsum plastering is all about Gyproc variants. Gyproc Elite Mr is a very water-resistant gypsum plastering . Gyproc Supreme is priced at around Rs 37 per square foot. Be sure to select brands approved by the Indian Building Council and GRIHA.

When choosing gypsum plastering, the outer walls are 1400 sq. Ft., 20mm thick, 2.6 cum, the total material required is 20 bags of cement, 95 CFT p sand, the inner walls are 12 mm thick at 1000 sq. Ft. p will be at the rate of sand. Pay special attention to doing ceiling work with cement works. The total required is 2500 square feet. If you choose saint Gobain Elite MR it will cost Rs 10,5000, if you choose Supreme it will cost Rs 92,500 and if you choose XPERT it will cost Rs 87500.

This way the price will vary depending on the brand you choose and you can calculate the approximate cost by calculating the labor charge. If your budget is limited you can opt for the standard cement plastered whitewashing method or if you have a budget you can opt for gypsum plastering. Watch the video to learn more.

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