Home Construction Material Mall Including Furniture

Home construction material mall including furniture. Many people want the materials used in home construction to be of good quality. But when it comes to choosing high-quality materials for housework, the cost can be overwhelming. Flooring and furniture are usually charged high prices in stores. Home construction material mall including furniture introduced here.

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Here’s an introduction to a shop where you can get all the materials you need for your home at a low price. The shop sells 50% off not only household items but also home appliances, furniture, and other items. Home construction material mall including furniture available here.

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What kind of Home construction materials are available in this shop?

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There is every home furnishing item available in this one shop that is such as electrical appliances, paint, other tools, and fan AC, furniture which is very important in home construction.

RRR wires, which are in high demand in the market, are sold here at half price. That is, discounts ranging from 40 percent to 50 percent are offered. All anchor switches start at Rs.20.

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The best company fans are available for Rs 2600. Tools like drilling machines can be purchased in different models in the shop at 50% profit. The tools of the best brands can be selected as required.

Paints from good brands like Berger are available at a 40% discount. Everyone can choose the paints of these major brands as per their need.

The exact amount of materials needed to make the football turf that is now used in most places can be purchased from here as per the instructions. By doing this, the taruf can be built in a way that is good quality and lasts longer.

Most homes now use old-style roofing. The high-tech tiles found for it are available in different colors and designs in the shop. Most of these are imported items.

Some mica boards that can be used for pasting look the same as the original tiles. These come in a variety of colors and patterns. Multiwood utensils are available at the top of the washbasin and so on. These can be selected to retain moisture.

Also, washbasins and closets of leading brands can be purchased in good quality. In addition, marble tiles of good quality can be selected as required.

Here you will find a large collection of lights that can be used inside and outside the house. These range from LED lights to big brands. Everyone can choose the light as per their requirements, such as the lights that can be set in the Shanliar, Garden that can be used outdoors.

Here you will find a huge collection of brand new TV, fridge, and washing machine to choose from when moving to your new home. The fridge is priced at Rs.65000 sold here at half price.

The shop also offers furniture of choice for the common man and those who want premium items. Sofa, chairs, couch, and dining table are all available. You can buy a good quality sofa here for Rs 16,000.

Those who want to buy all the products needed for such a home at a very affordable price can contact building hub thonnakkal. Building material mall including Home furnishing and furniture available here. The contact number is given below. For more watch the video to learn more.

Contact- 09744718000

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