How to Find a Lost or Forgotten Password

How to find a lost or forgotten Password: Online media is becoming more tremendous during this generation. All things are done online and saved in it. Proper security is needed for the safety of the accounts you have on online media. Accounts created online must be safely looked at for the danger of being hacked by others. Many people’s accounts have been hacked by others as a result of poor strength of passwords.

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Many important details have been misused by others due to this. Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and google pay are social media apps that must be looked at securely. So passwords are important. They make your accounts stay private and secure. If a hacker cracks your passwords, they could gain access to social media accounts, bank accounts, emails, and other sensitive accounts that hold your data. Set different passwords for each account. You should always set a different secure password for each of your accounts to ensure maximum security. Some give low-strength passwords, but the strong and lengthy password makes our account safety stronger.

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Additionally, you should use a mix of lowercase and uppercase letters to help to create the most secure password possible. If we have a password set for accounts, after opening the accounts we may not log out of the accounts. There is a chance to forget the username and the password you have set. It may make you tense about how to open the accounts. Your valuable documents and images may be lost or hacked by others.

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But with no tension, there is a simple trick to solve this problem. This information may not be known by all. It is through the mobile gadget you can do this. We must have searched the settings area where there are google settings available. Click the option, there on the top you can see your available mail IDs. Select the required ID. If one is only available, this option is not valid. There will be an option to manage your accounts.

On the top, if we have scrolled we can see the option security given. On the sub-option, we can see the password manager icon on the last bottom side. On clicking it many websites can be seen. Choosing the website or app you need, entering that website is possible only by giving the pin code of the phone as security. Now you can see the username and password of the website you have selected. Here there is an option to copy the password or see the password or save it to another system.

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As part of security, another trick is also available here. If unwanted websites are there in your system, they can be deleted with a click and delete it. This may be valuable information for some worried people about the password. There are some tricks and good options in our Android itself which are not seen by everyone. Make use of it to be secure. These security tips make our documents safer for lifelong. Forgettable security can be remembered through these invisible facts.

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