KSFE Chitty Magic – Pay Just 3.5L and earn 9.5L. Explained with Calculations

KSFE Chitty Magic: Chits are a safe way to invest in risk-free savings to meet various needs. KSFE presents various schemes to investors with investment security as they operate in line with the rules and regulations.

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Have you ever heard about KSFE Multi division chitty!

In normal chits, one person in a draw gets the chit. Payments are made to the lowest bidder. If there are people to call below 30 percent, the lottery will get this amount from them.

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Multi division chitty is a featured chitty in which, every month subscribers get a chance to get full chitty amount( after deducting Commission) through a lot. It is a combined entity of four similar chitties. Currently, there are four divisions in multi division chitty. One lot and three auctions are available in this scheme. Each month the subscribers, in multi-division chitty get a chance to win the full chitty amount as stated above and participate in three auctions. Four people will be selected and paid their dues. One person will get a chitty full amount by drawing a lot. That lucky person will get 95 % of the total amount. He will receive the full amount of 9.5 lakhs after the KSFE commission of 50,000(tax applicable to tax payees). As usual, The remaining 3 people can call below 30 percent of the Chit amount, Payments will be made to the lowest bidder. They are less risky and not profitable compared to mutual funds.

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  • 100 month X 10,000 = 10 lakh
  • 4 chitty from 4 divisions
  • 100 members in 1 chitty
  • Total = 400 chitty (from 4 divisions)

Those who get the full amount from the beginning of the lottery can invest in investment schemes and continue to chit with this interest. Business people, new entrants, expatriates, Self-employed, and government employees can also avail the scheme.

Let us see how you can earn 9.5 lakh by just depositing 3 lakhs in a multi-division chitty. This does not apply to 400 chit holders, instead 100 lucky people can involve in the lucky draw for getting 9.5 lakhs.

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If you win the lucky draw and received 9.5 lakhs, simply invest the same in the KSFE FD deposit. The interest they provide is between 8 to 8.5% and will get approximately 6500+ as interest on each month. You will be paying around 7500 as the first second payment (deducting the dividend) and you will need around 1500 as a chit payment. You can continue paying this for around 50 months. But you need higher amounts to pay due to decreased dividend amount in coming months. The calculations are shown below.

  • 2 to 50 months – 1500+
  • 50 to 60 months – 2000+ (Due to decreased dividend amount)
  • 60 to 70 months- 3000
  • 70 to 100 months- 4000

Altogether, you will need below 300,000 to pay for the 950,000 chit amount. It’s completely a stroke of luck.


Another method is investing the KSFE interest in another venture like cooperative societies for higher interest rates than KSFE. You can also invest in bonds or mutual funds with risk as a factor.

If you invest 950000 with 8.5% interest for 100 months, you would get 20, 00,000 from FD.

KFSE is now offering simpler security conditions as they accept fixed deposits, LIC policies, bank guarantees, and gold jewellery as security against chits.

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