How to Learn Driving a Car Easily ? Step by Step

How to learn driving a car easily ? Today, most homes in the country have cars. But often people who know how to drive but are afraid to drive on the road. Lack of understanding of how to handle a vehicle on a busy road leads to such problems.Most of these people go to driving school and hold a driver’s license after passing the Learner’s Test. At the same time, fear comes to mind when driving on the road. Here’s how to use the vehicle on the road, replacing fear with such situations.

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How to learn to drive a car easily?

The first thing to do before starting a vehicle is to adjust its seat. All you have to do is return the L-shaped item provided at the bottom of
the seat. The seat can then be lowered by pressing the lever on the right side of the seat.

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The gear shift lever and handbrake can be seen in the centre of the vehicle. It is important to note that the accelerator, the brake in the middle and the clutch on the left are provided on the lower right side of the vehicle.

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The left foot is used to hold the clutch while the right foot is used to depress the accelerator brake.

If you feel the need to increase the speed of the vehicle, slowly step off the brakes and add the accelerator. The gear can be shifted to determine the speed of the vehicle.

How to start a vehicle?

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Press the foot brake before starting the vehicle. In doing so, the vehicle does not move forward or backwards. Then fully depress the clutch and turn on the car’s ignition. Make sure the key is turned correctly when turning the vehicle key. When the car starts, take your hand from key.

Then a torque is required if the vehicle is to move forward. To do this, hold the clutch firmly and move the gear lever to the left and up. The vehicle will then move forward as the clutch is slowly released.

The vehicle can then be moved forward with the foot slightly on the brake. When the car starts to move forward a little, put in second gear. The second gear is when the gear level is pulled down to the left side.

Then after running some distance you can put the car in third gear and start driving. Or if the vehicle needs to be stopped intermittently, the vehicle must be made neutral to turn it on again.

The car can be put back into first gear and turned on as mentioned earlier. The gearbox must be made to work in order to move forward while the vehicle is sitting down. Then when the car starts to run, you have to step on the accelerator to get the speed. In the event of a stop, the connection between the engine and the gearbox is lost.

This way anyone can learn to drive very easily. watch the video to learn more.

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