Top collection of Low Budget Second Hand Cars at KS Cars Mallapuram

Are you looking for low-budget second-hand cars? KS cars provide you with a better option with more collections and models. Now people are looking for cheap rated at low cost. Look for a better product with high quality for your future long-lasting performance. This can be fulfilled at car dealers in the Malappuram district.

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Car dealers provide many varieties with various rates but it is our decision to choose the right one. Everyone has different tastes, but all will have a dream to own a car of their interest. All models are provided by this KS car dealer at the cheapest rate. Are you ready to explore the collection of cars offered by these car dealers? this article gives you detailed information about that shop.

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Why Second Hand Cars?

All will have the mind to buy a new car. But the budget will be a problem. price range is heavy to buy a new car it will cross our budget limit. so people turn to look for cars that can be purchased at a cheap rate. Low-price products do not mean low-quality products, but they could mean high-ended products.

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Second hand cars provide the best-upgraded facilities than a new car. Its price can be adjusted to our budget. Loan Facilities are also provided for these types of cars. These peculiarities make a man tend to buy second-hand cars. Old cars are updated and refreshed to a better quality model which can be availed at a low price.

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Second Hand Cars at KS cars

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Vehicles may be a craze for humans in our society. Owning a new car with excellent designs and models will not be affordable for us. Low-budget second-hand cars are mostly available in this showroom. Details about the car will be fully defined by the dealers. ownership details will all documents will be provided for the customers.

Car milages, distance traveled and all the peculiarities of the model will be explained in detail. if you are in search of a low-budget car to your taste KS cars will avail you of a huge variety of collections. down payment facility is also available at this showroom. Used seven-seater can also be sold out here at a cheap rate. Price will vary according to the model preferred. For more details watch the video:

Second Hand Car Models and its Price Ranges

Various models are available in this showroom. Alto 800 2013 model with 84000 km, 2nd ownership at the rate of 180000rs. 2nd generation Wagnor 2008 model with 85000 km at 120000 rs. Old model Wagnor with 2000 model at the rate of 85000rs. TATA Indica 2012 model at the rate of 65000rs. these are cheap-rated cars with common people can afford.


Nano base model (2011) at 45000 rs. Hyundai 2004 model with 14000 km at the rate of 80000rs. Toyota 2016 model at 460000rs. Innova 2007 model 165000km at the rate of 330000rs. Swift 2012 model at the rate of 280000rs. Polo 2007 model 80000km at 240000rs. Toyota new model (2014) at 750000rs. Because of this low price range, all the models are easily sold out from here. People make use of these discounted offers to own their dream vehicle.


Best way to own a car with a low down payment and loan facility. KS cars provide you with low-budget second-hand cars with better performance. People are busy searching for car models at affordable prices. Many attractive features are offered by this showroom and a 50% loan facility is availed them. Don’t miss your golden opportunity to buy a car at better quality and price. limited stock is available!

For further details about the vehicles please contact to the showroom number provided below.





+91 85940 77125 – SALIM

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