How to Increase Your Mobile Network Speed

How to increase your mobile network speed? Today, there are very less people who do not use the Internet. Mobile internet usage has increased tremendously, especially with the advent of lockdowns. Kids are increasingly using mobile internet to attend classes and adults for work purposes.

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Most of them use the mobile internet to watch youtube videos. Social media networks used all ages of people. Most of the youngsters are used to these online games and more. Now the 4G network is available.But in the coming days, 5G is coming to India. Then it will double the internet speed. It will definitely be helpful for normal users.

Not only this, with the help of telephone service providers can do great things for mobile internet packs. Because of the higher speed than the WiFi network, everyone uses the Internet more on mobile. Moreover, the mobile network is very convenient for travel and other purposes.

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However, mobile internet may not be available in certain areas. Today there are many third-party applications available to increase mobile network speed. But the complaint is that these do not work on many phones. Also, most services are paid for.

You can increase the mobile internet to some extent by making small settings on your phone. The first thing to try is to open your phone’s dial pad and type * # * # 4636 # * # *.

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Now you come to a page called Testing. Here you will find the Phone Information One, Phone Information Two, and WiFi Information options. In this, you have to choose Phone One Information.

Now you can see a few options by default. But there is no need to choose any of these. Instead, select the LTE-only option at the top, which will allow your 4G network to work properly. Helps to increase mobile internet speed.

Another major problem encountered when using mobile internet is that this trick cannot be applied to every phone. A third-party application may be used in such cases.

The same procedure is followed even if using a third-party application. Install the application Read everything and agree.

Enter the OS of your phone and select the Set Preferred Network type here. Then select the LTE-only option.
One of the major problems with using this app is that it can quickly drain the battery. This means that the application is always on in the settings. This can be used in urgent situations. Otherwise, it will reduce your battery power. Nowadays lots of apps are available to increase network speed. But most of them are ineffective,

This way you can only do this when you feel the network speed is low. This will increase the speed of the mobile network to some extent. Now a lot of companies are in the 5G testing will definitely be helpful for our future. The different companies now provide a lot of internet packages. so most of them used it. It will definitely be helpful for normal users. using the above tricks you can easily increase the network speed. For more watch the video.


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