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Digit Kerala is a multipurpose online web portal that helps to provide content in various sectors such as entertainment, news, technology, health-related, financial, jobs (gulf jobs), business, government plans, and much more. This website works as a platform for individuals seeking information regarding these sectors. Digit Kerala Aims to Provide the Latest Updates on These Sectors, Valuable Knowledge Needed for Different Stages of Life, and Recent Career Plans.


Digit Kerala World of Knowledge

Digit Kerala is a source of knowledge that brings information in front of you by collating information in different fields. Digit Kerala can be described as an amalgamation of different fields like Education, Technology, Employment, Sports and Entertainment. Digit Kerala works to bring things from all over the world to the people with one click. Let’s understand the main features of Digit Kerala in detail.

Latest news and entertainment: Digit Kerala’s mission is to bring you the latest news happening in the world at each moment. You can get to know the latest news in the field of entertainment through this website. Digit Kerala aims to bring new information to you faster than you can get it from anywhere else.

Presenting New Business Ideas: Digit Kerala works as a helping hand for those who want to step into the business sector. Those who want to start new startups can get the necessary advice through Digit Kerala. We mostly bring you business ideas with very low investment and high profit margins.

Bringing New Schemes and Services of The Government to The People: Through Digit Kerala, we bring to you the latest schemes and services provided by the government to improve the quality of life of the common people. It provides livelihood to lakhs of people. Most of the time the common people are not aware of the new schemes from the government. On such occasions, we try to bring new knowledge to you through Digit Kerala.

New Waves in Technology: In this age of technology, it is essential to be aware of the latest gadgets. Digit Kerala brings you all the information about the latest trends in the market, their usage and security. Digit Kerala imparts technologies like AI, and software development to the people in a way that common people can understand.

A helping hand for job seekers: Digit Kerala provides all necessary assistance to job seekers who are dreaming of a job. Our main aim is to bring all kinds of job opportunities inside and outside India to the people with utmost accuracy. Thus hundreds of job seekers get a chance to fulfill their dreams.

Health sector and useful tips: Digit Kerala brings you the latest knowledge in the field of health. We strive to bring you solutions and tips for health problems that arise in daily life situations. Fitness tips and nutrition-related knowledge are brought to you by Digit Kerala.

New Trends in Home Design and Financial Guidance: We are all those who are waiting for the dream of a house to come true. All the necessary knowledge and new home designs are available to you through Digit Kerala. You will also get the financial assistance tips you need to make your dream of owning a home a reality through Digit Kerala.

Home Design and Finance Loans: Provides ideas about home designs and will give guidelines for loan-related issues, also helps individuals to take decisions regarding home improvements and personal loans.

Top Organization Jobs in Dubai

01 Nasco Insurance Group
02 Spinneys Spinneys: Online Grocery & Supermarket
03 Cozmo Travel Cozmo Travel
04 Feels Juice Bar & Kitchen Feels Juice Bar & Kitchen
05 Talabat: Food delivery Talabat: Food delivery
06 Al Ansar School Al Ansar School
07 CAFU | Mobile Car Services CAFU | Mobile Car Services
08 Dubai Electricity & Water Authority Dubai Electricity & Water Authority
09 Sayara Car Rental Sayara Car Rental UAE
10 KAD Construction KAD Construction


1. What services are available through Digit Kerala?

  • A: Digit Kerala aims to provide up-to-date information in all fields like general information, technology, sports, entertainment, health tips and employment opportunities etc…Digit Kerala also ensures that the information provided is accurate and complete as intended.

2. Is it possible to find job opportunities outside India through Digit Kerala?

  • A: Yes. People can get to know job opportunities in different fields around the world through Digit Kerala. It helps the unemployed find a source of income by bringing under one roof a large number of job opportunities within and outside India.

3. Do I have to pay to use Digit Kerala’s services?

  • No. Digit Kerala works to provide completely free services in all areas. Anyone can use this platform completely free. Digit Kerala is making every effort to bring new knowledge to people for free.

4. Can people interact with Digit Kerala?

  • Yes. Anyone can post their public opinions through Digit Kerala. By sharing your feedback with us it will also help our platform grow a lot.

5. Is Digit Kerala sharing accurate pieces of information?

  • Yes. Digit Kerala delivers the information to you only after properly checking the status of the information. We aim to bring new knowledge to people within seconds.
Disclaimer: Digikerala.com is not affiliated with or associated with any government body or private body. We don’t claim to be any government organization, we are just a news portal that covers the latest updates and stories. Do not pay anyone for job applications, interview tests, or job interviews published on Digit Kerala. A real employer will not ask you for payment under any circumstances.


Digit Kerala is a place to share knowledge combining various fields. The purpose of Digit Kerala is to bring the latest knowledge happening all over the world to the people. Digit Kerala is a page, that combines technology, entertainment, news and health tips. And by bringing job opportunities inside and outside India to the people, many people get job opportunities. Information and health tips related to home construction will be more useful to people. Digit Kerala works as a

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