All Power Tools Cheap Price in Kerala

Power Tools Cheap Price in Kerala: Power tools that can be used for home construction and home use often come at a high price in shops. Moreover, the power tools purchased in this way often do not get any other quality. Therefore, many of them are going outside to purchase power tools at very low prices. But Here is a shop that offers good quality power tools at very low prices.

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What Kind of Power Tools Are Available Here?


Different types of tarpaulin and house construction sheets of different quality can be purchased as required. The shop has a large collection of all power tools for small and large requirements, such as drilling machines and chain saw, different cutters etc.

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Different sizes of sanders from multiple companies are available here. They are available at prices ranging from Rs.1200 to Rs.3000.

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Prices vary from model to model each week. Therefore, before coming to the shop, you can call or WhatsApp and ask if the product model is available.

12 w drill full kit item is available for Rs 1500. These will work using two batteries. A 6mm capacity full kit drilling machine is priced at around Rs.1200. For those who want to buy a drilling machine at a slightly lower price, the price starts at Rs 900. When you buy a small drilling machine you will have to pay a little more.

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Most power tools purchased from here also come with a six-month warranty. Therefore, it is very easy to replace any small part until the warranty period expired.

Priced at Rs 4,500 including the 88cc Chain so Full Kit. Everyone can choose the product according to their usage and needs. Power tools have to be chosen differently for different job needs.

The essentially good weight chipping machine starts at Rs 2400. Machines of different capacities can be selected as required. As it is a good heavyweight device, the quality is also essentially good. It is better to choose a brand like incco.

Welding machines start at Rs 3,600. At the same time, the price will vary depending on the power variation. The best quality welding machine can be bought for Rs 4,000.

Carpentry tools can be purchased from the shop at a very affordable price. The chain saw used for Carpentery is available from Rs.1000.

Also, any appliance, small or large, such as a home-use water spray bottle or car washer is available. Water guns can all be negotiated at a very low price. Those who want to buy all kinds of power tools at a very low price can contact the shop called ‘Afras Power Tools’ in Palakkad town.The number to contact is added below. Watch the video to know more.

Contact- 6282039188

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