Shimoga Cancer Treatment Centre- Doctor Narayana Moorthy.

Shimoga Cancer Treatment Centre- Doctor Narayana Moorthy. There are many people around us who are suffering from cancer. Usually, a hospital has to spend a lot of money on chemo treatment and other treatment needs. Finding such a large sum of money for a typical family is often a difficult situation. Shimoga Cancer Treatment Centre- Doctor Narayana Moorthy’s details are here.

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But Narayana Murthy, a doctor in Shimoga, is a relief to those suffering from cancer. Shimoga is also known as Shivamogga. Dr. Narayana Murthy follows a very different path from the cancer treatment done in ordinary hospitals.

Vaidya Narayana Murthy is a doctor who treats cancer in Ayurveda. Known as the Shimoga Cancer Treatment, the doctor has been treating cancer for 14 years with traditional methods of treatment. The doctor prescribed medicines for diseases like cancer and diabatic etc. But on June 24, 2020, Dr. Vaidya Narayanamurthy died of a heart attack. But his family still operates as part of the Shimoga Cancer Center.

Benefits of using Shimoga Cancer Treatment Centre

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  • No side effects for medicine.
  • A lot of doctors are worked under Bush.
  • The other treatments are done along with Ayurveda.
  • The Shimoga cancer center is a great relief for the believers.
  • The treatment cost is very less.
  • Herbal medicines are used.

What is the treatment method of Shimoga cancer center?

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According to Dr. Narayana Murthy, the main causes of cancer are changes in lifestyle and diet. Narayana Murthy’s method of treatment is different from other doctors. The doctor made an accurate diagnosis by examining the patient’s painful area. He does not like to be told that his ability to change disease is a gift from God and therefore to others.

There are a lot of side effects of allopathic medicines for cancer treatment. The doctor treated the patient using ayurvedic methods. However, the doctor also advised the patients that the disease could not be completely cured by using only ayurvedic medicines. The Shimoga Cancer Center was a great option for those who needed a treatment that had no side effects.

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A patient who wants to cure cancer in an Ayurvedic manner should consult a doctor working under AYUSH. The services of expert BAMS doctors are available here. Not only today but Ayurvedic treatment and other therapies also do not cause any problems for any reason.

One thing to be aware of here is that the Shimoga Cancer Center has not accurately documented the details of the treatment until it is cured. Most people seek treatment outside of trusting the doctor. Of course, Ayurveda can be used as a good tool to treat cancer. But it is important to find a certified doctor. Moreover, there are no other problems caused by following Ayurvedic treatment. The Shimoga Cancer Center in Karnataka is definitely an option for those who trust their doctor for cancer treatment. Address information is given below.


Doctor N.S Narayana Murthy

Shimoga  Cancer treatment

Narasipura address

Bangalore, Karnataka

contact –+91 9930709000

For Registration Click the link given below:



1. Is  Shimoga cancer center is certified or not?

ANS: It is a traditional ayurvedic treatment for cancer patients, but not recognized by Ayush.

2. The treatment fee is completely  free?

ANS: Yes. but You want to pay the medicine cost and the X-ray kind of costs.

3. Doctor Narayana Moorthy is dieclty check the patients?

ANS: No.he is passed away in 2020. But still, the treatment is continued by their family.

4. The treatment is only available for cancer disease?

ANS: No, The other diseases like diabetes, kidney diseases, stroke are also treated here.


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