Tiles in low Price Kerala – Digital Tiles-flooring tiles with price list

Tiles in low Price Kerala – Digital Tiles-flooring tiles with price list  – Flooring and sanitary materials are a very expensive part of home construction. That is why many people are looking for shops that ordinary people can get all kinds of flooring material at good quality and low prices. To know in detail about a shop that imports and sells materials directly from places like Gujarat.Budget Friendly sells all types of flooring and sanitary ware here at wholesale prices.

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What items are available here?

The tiles here start at just Rs 30. 2 * 2 Wooden flooring material adds a lot of beauty to the look. Those who want to opt for premium quality can get good tiles for Rs 40. On the other hand, those who want wooden type tiles have to pay Rs 35. The wooden finish itself Tiles of different colours are available in the shop.

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Here you will find a huge collection of the most trending tiles in different patterns, rolls and colours. These can be of different sizes and can be selected as required. When choosing ceramic tiles, they are more likely to wear out. Therefore it is better to choose vitrified tiles.

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Tiles with selectable grip for kitchen and bathroom are in high demand in the market and are sold here at low prices. Larger tiles can be purchased at Rs.85 Different brands of epoxy provided between the tiles can be found in the shop. If the tips are plastered with epoxy with space, they will last longer.

It also gives more beauty. Different colours of epoxy can be selected for each tile. The spacer used between the tiles can be tightened between the two. Tiles containing artwork that can be done on the walls can be purchased in a full square foot style. Such wall tiles can be selected for Rs.4000.

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8 * 2 size full body tiles are available in different colours. They can be used in kitchen top flooring as well. They cost around Rs 180. Those who want these in pure white colour can also opt for it. Wall cladding tiles that do not fade in any way can be selected as required. Here you will find a huge collection of all kinds of tiles used for interior and exterior purposes. Butter finished tiles are available for Rs 65.

Those who want to buy all kinds of flooring sanitary ware items at such a low price can contact Krishna Marbles shop in Ernakulam. Watch the video to know more. The contact number is given below.

Contact- 8590891475

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